The Sami Michael prize

individuals making unique contribution to Israeli society intending to reduce socio-economic gaps and to promote equal opportunities in all fields of social and public life.

Since 2018 The Sami Michael Prize has been annually awarded, in cooperation with Sami Michael association and Ben-Gurion University of the Negev- HEKSHERIM (Research Institute for Jewish and Israeli Literature & Culture) and The Department of Middle East Studies.   


Sami Michael Prize

Laurates for 2016 and Reasons for awarding the prize

Shula Mola

For her fearless activities as a leader who serves as a role model of determination and persistence for members of the Ethiopian community, especially the younger generation. In her tenacious struggle against explicit and implicit discrimination towards the Ethiopian Community, Mola has laid the foundations for the empowerment and self-expression of the Ethiopian community in Israel.

Rawnak Natour

For her prolific activity to eradicate discrimination against Arab citizens, and promote a vision of equal citizenship, for her activity to reduce gaps in Israeli society, and for her inspiring activity to create a worthy society for all.

Yoav Lalum

For his tireless commitment and courage in his struggle to eradicate ethnicity-based discrimination in the Haredi education system, and to ensure full implementation of the principle of equality in Israel’s various education systems.