Sami Michael Way

Sami Michael Way - The man is the crown of creation is a literary way in Haifa. Since 2002 a special route in the Wadi Nisnas quarter was named after Michael: Sami Michael Way. Literary extracts from his novels are written along the walls of the route both in Hebrew, Arabic and English. Haifa, his hometown - a multicultural city, where Jews and Arabs live side by side – provides the setting of many of his novels. Michael dedicated several novels to Wadi Nisnas, (where he actually lived in the first few years upon his arrival in Israel) including “A Trumpet in the Wadi”. Throughout the year parties of school children, students and tourists visit the Wadi and are given guided tours of the route by Beit HaGefen and by private guides.

A Trumpet in The Wadi is a Hebrew novel bringing Wadi Nisnas for the first time to Israeli readers' attention and subsequently to readers around the world following its in translation to many languages.